You’ve Been Christmas Challenged!

How to “Do” the Christmas Challenge!

Step 1- The idea is to SPREAD CHRISTMAS Goodwill! You may do whatever you wish! It can be done individually, with a family, class, school, organization or business. Examples include committing to shovelling a neighbours driveway as a family, sorting through toys with your child and donating “underused” ones, going carolling with friends, doing/giving something special to a certain person or organization.  Also, feel free to visit our home page to be inspired by stories of Christmas giving from people across the world! The options are endless! This may also include a tradition you already do such as making a donation or volunteeringover the holidays.

Step 2- Once you have an idea of what you want to do to spread good will, share your idea on our website here:  Feel free to include pictures/videos and links!

Step 3- “Christmas Challenge” at least 4 other people/businesses/organizations. Forward them this link: *** This is the important part to keep our kindness snowball rolling!! (You may also cut and paste these instructions into emails and on Facebook pages and blogs).

YOU have 48 hours to accomplish steps 1-3, however you have until Christmas to follow through with your plan!

Thank you for spreading goodwill!

** For added effect, you can download and print the “challenge” certificate by clicking on the image below and include it on social media when “Christmas Challenging” others! 

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 6.27.55 PM