Robyn’s Journey

This year, my class had an amazing opportunity to help the less fortunate have a joyful Christmas. The first step in our journey was the yard sale. We brought in our old toys and books to sell, and more valuable unused things to raffle off. I enjoyed the smiling faces as the younger kids went from table to table, buying toys, eating delicious food, and dropping slips of paper in the raffle buckets. The best feeling was the fact that all the money was going to the less fortunate at the Shelter House. Sitting at that table selling and recycling the things I used to love gave me a feeling that other kids would love them, too. The yard sale really helped me learn the true meaning of Christmas, GIVING. After the yard sale was over, I couldn’t wait for our Christmas journey to continue!

The next step in our journey was to Westfort Foods. When I walked into the grocery store, I could smell the pastries. It made me excited to get started. Each group got a shopping list to buy things that the Shelter House needed, like laundry soap, canned goods, and baking ingredients. It was fun to find the best deal on different grocery items. The owner of Westfort Foods even put out special sales just for us! The News was also there to record our random act of kindness. After we paid for all the groceries, we loaded them into Mr.Cameron’s truck. We bought over 450 items!! Then, we loaded the bus. As we continued our journey to the Shelter House, we sang Christmas carols on the bus.

When we pulled up to the Shelter House, I couldn’t wait to get started passing food along the assembly line to the food storage room. It was so fun passing down heavy groceries while singing Christmas carols! However, as soon as the tour started, my happy feelings changed to surprise as fast as snow falls in a blizzard. The people who stay at the Shelter House have WAY less than me. When I have to wait until Christmas to get something I want, I don’t usually think about the people at the Shelter House that are happy with what they have. So as the day ended, I thought that maybe gifts are great, but with a small act of humility, helping others is a feeling that the most expensive gift can’t match.

One Response to Robyn’s Journey

  1. Mr. Grant says:

    May you continue to reap the many valuable rewards from your gift of giving. Awesome Effort Wildcats!


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