Parents’ comments

Many parents volunteer each year to assist with our Christmas Journey.  If they are unable to attend, they have access to an iMovie that we produce each year to share our experience.  Below are some of their comments:

“This truly impressed me last year as did many other educational opportunities in this class. The impact on my daughter was everlasting and the lessons taught about humanity are inspiration to this community and the larger global community. Respect, responsibility, reciprocity and relationships are all fostered by this amazing endeavour. Congrats grade 6’s.”

“Thank you so much for making this a tradition – this is a fantastic learning experience and a wonderful way to give to our community. Thank you for teaching our kids that there are many who are in need and that we can help in such a big way when everyone works together.”

This year again I was fortunate to join the classes on their field trip to the Shelter House. Once again I was reminded about those in our community that are much less fortunate than us. From my observation and overhearing the students’ comments I feel this was an excellent learning experience for the children. I think it opens up their eyes and introduces them to the types of charities in our community that need help.”

“This experience was an amazing eye opener for everyone. it allowed the kids and volunteers to learn lots of things and to see what life is like for those less fortunate.”

“What a great learning experience this is for the kids,  and an amazing job sharing their learning through this video.  The school community,  the teachers and the students should be commended for such hard work. Awesome”

“I thought the video was beautiful.  Great to see the children participating and enjoying giving.  I thank you, teachers for putting this together and for teaching our children more about Christmas than just getting presents.”

“I really enjoyed viewing the Christmas journey video and learning about my child’s experience at the Shelter House. It was an excellent opportunity for her class to learn firsthand about the true meaning of Christmas.”

“Thank you to all the parents, teachers and kids that perform this wonderful act of generosity each year. Teaching children about the joy of helping, and lending a hand to those that have so little is the character education that will stay with them forever. Without volunteers, Shelter House could not do its work. Your efforts ensure that each generation remembers that it is our responsibility to give as much as we can, as often as we can. Thank you again for your work to make this world a better place.”

Patty Hajdu,
Executive Director
Shelter House

“I am so happy that Alyssa goes to St. Elizabeth! The school’s commitment to the community and to Westfort is to be commended!”

“I think that is wonderful, following one of Jesus commands, FEED AND HELP THE POOR.”







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