A Letter From Our Students

Please feel free to cut and paste this letter in emails, blogs, and social media to share with others!

St. Elizabeth school has a wonderful tradition that helps instill the true meaning of Christmas in our whole school community.  For over 20 years the grade 5/6 and 6 students host a yard sale. The students sell their used items (books, stuffies, toys, etc.) as well as popcorn, juice, baked items and raffle tickets.  The younger students really look  forward to this event!  The grade 6 students then take the proceeds from their yard sale (last year they raised $1400) and as a class, go shopping to a local grocery store where they spend their hard earned money to buy food for the less fortunate.  Finally, they load the groceries into Mr. Cameron’s truck and then travel to our local Shelter House where the students hand deliver all the food.  What follows is a humbling and eye opening tour of the facilities.

A student’s first hand account of her experience can be read here: Robyn’s Journey | Give 4 Christmas Challenge

We wanted to share our story to inspire others (students, teachers, families, businesses and corporations) to share or start their own Christmas giving tradition, to leave a comment on what they intend to do (or already do) and then challenge others to do the same!  In our inaugural year our site was visited over 5000 times in 60+ countries! This Christmas, we hope to reach 100 countries, secure 100 participants and 10 000 views!

Please consider visiting our site, start a tradition or share an existing one here: Participants | Give 4 Christmas Challenge and then pass our site Give 4 Christmas Challenge | A little Giving Goes a Long Way via social media, email or word of mouth to everyone you know!

Merry Christmas!

The Grade 5/6 and 6 Classes

St. Elizabeth School

Thunder Bay, Ontario

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